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Hopton Court Estate

Hopton Court Estate

Hopton Court Estate is nestled in the charming and picturesque village of Hopton Wafers, with Hopton Court and charming country pub The Hopton Crown at it's heart.


The drives are all set in beautiful undulating ground with woodland, arable land and numerous pools, which enables us to provide excellent sporting pheasants, partridges and duck. Our pheasants are presented from game covers, and later on woodland, in a parkland setting over our scenic Shropshire valleys.


Our fantastically situated drives produce outstanding quality high birds that any sportsman would be keen to shoot. We have a wide range of duck pools available to us and these produce very high, challenging ducks. 


In addition to the good sport we aim to provide a safe, well-organised, friendly and welcoming environment for all of our guns.

Dining is available at Hopton Court which is a beautiful country house set in stunning grounds on the shoot, or head back to the newly refurbished Hopton Crown with it's roaring fire and great locally sourced food. 

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